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How have DemonGames got my number and charged me?!

Ok, so on friday evening i got a text from a company called DemonGames saying:

"FreeMsg: Welcome! Start Playing Now @ demongames dot net for just £3/week. Ur first 24hrs are FREE! To cancel text stop demon to 65101. Help? 03333130232"

Now i just assumed this was a spam text, and was quite annoyed as this phone is my private phone for family only, nobody else has the number and i have not at any point signed up to anything or even seen or heard of DemonGames before. Did some searching to check and couldnt find anything about this particular company bit seen nothing but acam warnings regarding the same tactics and wording from other companies.

Now i tried to call o2 about this with no luck so far but i have now seen that i have now actually got a £3 charge on my bill.

What is going in here? How can o2 allow this to happen? At no point have i ever signed up to anything and i am rather appalled that it seems so easy for scam companies to tell o2 i owe them money with zero evidence at all, and o2 just go ahead and slap a charge onto my bill.

Anyone else had this happen? I wont be paying it and i fully expect o2 to handle this appropriately on their end as this is very, very concerning. I have never had anything to do with DemonGames or made any contacr with them and i would like to keep it that way...
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Re: How have DemonGames got my number and charged me?!

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Hi @CrayJay


Please see help here:


and here:



Immediately text 'stop demon to the number indicated to ensure no further money is debited to your account


Also speak to Customer Services and ask them to place the following bars on your account:

Direct to Mobile Debits

Premium Rate Call Charges


This will ensure that you do not have any further charges like this debited to your account.


You will find many threads like yours in the community. Members have asked O2 to introduce a 2-step verification system which would help eliminate these thieves from getting away with such sneaky practices. We are still waiting for O2's response to our request.


The very best of luck and welcome to the community Welcome

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