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How do I contact o2?

I bought a data bolt on for a tenner thinking I must have gone over my allowance. I’ve since found that everyone is without mobile data, not just me. I’m trying the help section and contact us section but it just sends me round in circles. I’m sooooo frustrated. I just want to email o2! Why must it be so difficult?! Live chat is down and I’m deaf so can’t call them. Does anyone have an email address? For £52 a month I would really just hope they would let me send an email - I don’t ask for much (and I don’t get it!).
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Re: How do I contact o2?

@Salsa There is no email address, unfortunately. Sorry to say, you're just going to have to wait until the network gets back up running, and some semblance of normality returns before you can resolve your issue.


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Re: How do I contact o2?

@Salsa There is no email address for O2. 

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Re: How do I contact o2?

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Just call or get someone else to, customer service @Salsa and they will reimburse you. 

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