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Help with contract

I stupidly got a contract phone in my name for someone else and we no longer speak, it was a 3 year contract got out about 2 months ago. I’m worried what’s going to happen because I can’t pay it! What would happen if I tried to cancel it ? Thanks in advance
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Re: Help with contract


To cancel, you need to pay off the device plan fully then you can cancel the airtime for free.

It's the only way out of the contract that you agreed to pay for the next 3 years I'm afraid.

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Re: Help with contract

You would need to pay off the device and then give 30 day notice to end the air time

If you no longer speak then you need to be aware that the phone belongs to you and is your responsibility.

If this was me I would ask for the phone back and then sell it so you put the money towards paying the device off in full.

If the phone isn't handed back to you then maybe get the police involved.

If you have insurance you could report the phone lost/stolen and get a replacement delivered to your home address. But get the sim blocked anyway, why let your 'friend' use it free and you risk some big bills.

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Re: Help with contract

Good advice from @jonsie about getting the sim blocked which you should do immediately @Annon by contacting Customer Services http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus.


Best time to ring is between 8-8:30am to avoid a long wait on hold.


Unfortunately, you've learned the hard way it's never a good idea to take out a mobile contract in your name for someone else. 


Good luck and welcome to the forum Welcome

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