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Having to pay £300 deposit for a phone that I never recieved??

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Hi all,

a few months back I decided to order a phone offline and get it delievered to my house on next day delivery.

I was told that I couldn't get my phone until I showed my ID to someone at a local O2 store, I took my ID into one of their stores and they phoned whoever deals with the orders and they were told that it would arrive the following day to my house.


A week went by and the phone never showed up so I went into the store and asked what was happening, they phoned customer services for me, again I was told that my phone would be delivered to my house the next day and it never did.


I was chasing down my phone for a month as they had taken the money out of my account for the contract, I was put through to at least 6 people, all telling me the exact same thing, that my phone would be delivered to my house the following day, blah blah blah.


At this point they had taken two payments out of my bank but my phone never seemed to make it to my house, I called up customer service where a really nice man helped me out by putting the phone down as stolen, he had cancelled all of my contract and had told me that I could go into the store and get a new contract out over the counter.


HOWEVER the day after my phone was reported as stolen it magically turns up the next day after being reported stolen, the guy at customer services told me NOT to sign anything as that meant I was agreeing to take the phone, after an argument with the delivery guy he took it back to the store (hopefully it actually got there this time!!)


I went in a few months later to take a new contract out (this is the first ever contract I've ever taken out on my own name) and they did a background check and told me that I had bad credit scores due to the phone that I NEVER got, they told me I had to pay £300 in deposit to be able to take a new contract out.


I'm now stuck with a bad credit score and no one in customer service knew what I was talking about as I was getting passed down to about 6 different people who all claim to be in the same department, I've had several issues with different phone companies due to o2 and I even thought about going to court about it all.

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Hi @exquisedouleur What a massive mess up.

Your best bet is to put in an official complant to O2 . Hopefully this will get sorted soon.

Use Resolver in the link given. Best of luck and welcome to the forum Welcome

Edited to add: You can also put a note on your credit file, explaining this is being sorted via the complaints dept.


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We can only advise that you keep trying with the credit referrals team I'm afraid.
You can put a notice of correction on your own file whilst it's sorted out, but other than that, you need to keep chasing them.
Credit File Referrals Team
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Arlington Business Centre
LS11 0NE
Fax 0113 2025865

Note this is a Fax number not a telephone as they won't speak to you directly. 

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Hi @exquisedouleur, sorry to hear about your poor experience with this! 😞 You got some good advice above from our helpful members recommending next steps. Don't hesitate to post again to let us know how you're getting on with this and if you have any further questions.

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