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Frustrated with O2

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I have been trying to get through to o2 for the last five days to give 30 days notice so I can terminate my contract. However there phones have been down and I cannot get through to give the notice and will now have to stay on this contract longer than I should. Is there any way this can be fixed seeing as it is in no way my fault. I have spent a total of 6 hours on hold to them, been hung up on many times and am raging. In the same thought, why do I have to give 30 days notice when I signed a contract with an agreed end date of 19/10/12? This really frustrates me about phone companies.

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Contracts have no end date only a minimum term, after that it's a 30 day rolling contract until you give notice.


Keep a record of what you have tried and when, if it involves more cost due to systems not working they should be able to credit you back, so leave the direct debit in place until you have agreed a final bill.

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