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Failed delivery

Anyone else had problems with delivery with a new hand set?
I rang placed a order for a new contact and I phone Xs on a Wednesday, to be told it will be with me Thursday, took all day of work to be told the driver could not find me, I ring o2 they say it will be with you Friday, took a other day off work the driver could not find me as I live in a new build,
Once again I ring o2 they talk to uk mail and say will 100% be with me Saturday before lunch.
Took a 3rd day off work!!! Still no phone.
To be told it driver said he/she delivered it to my address. My phone never come
I’m now getting charged for a 3year contract when iv had no sim or no phone.
I have been sent what O2 say is my name
Printed on a form...100% not my signature & I also have timed and dated cctv on my drive, o2 have not even offered me a SIM card and still charging me.
Iv been to the police and been told it’s a civil matter. Any help any one can give thanks
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Re: Failed delivery

Before you do anything else, I'll tag @EmilieT to see if she can help ypu tomorrow.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: Failed delivery

Don’t think police can help as nothing criminal has happened. Just looks like UK Mail at it again. Search this forum for stories
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Re: Failed delivery

Hey @Lee5, and sorry to hear about your delivery experience so far worried I'd gladly check with our gurus if they can help in this case, I'll send you a Private Message to get a few more details first!


Thanks @MI5 for the mention slight smile

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Re: Failed delivery

Not sure about that @Anonymous?

The OP states O2 are claiming the phone was delivered and showing evidence it was signed for.

@Lee5says 100% not his signature and CCTV footage at the front of the house shows no evidence of anyone delivering anything.


So it appears the phone 'may' have been delivered (to the wrong house) and signed for by someone other than @Lee5.

Either way, according to the op, they have not received the phone they were promised on numerous delivery dates

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Re: Failed delivery

If the person signing for the phone keeps possession then a criminal offence of theft has taken place.

It is the responsibility of O2 as they have accepted a contract for UK Mail to deliver their goods. Inompetence (possibly theft) by UK Mail but ultimately O2's responsibility to deliver the phone to a customer by whoever they use to fulfill that obligation.