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End of Contract

My 18 month iphone 3gs Contract will be finished in December, im thinking of just keeping this phone as it does everything i need.
Im thinking of going for the 02 Simplicity contract as its alot cheaper but my question is (its probably a stupid question but its the first time i have had a contract phone Smiley Tongue)
After my contract ends, can i just replace my simcard for a simplicity simcard? does my current simcard get deactivated automatically when my contact ends so i wont be paying anything each month, only my simplicity contract?
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Re: End of Contract

No just ring CS 30 days before and they'll do it all for you. No swapping needed and everything will continue as normal but a touch cheaper.
If you don't do anything, the tariff will continue as it does now until you give 30 days notice to end. Its a minimum term so unless you take action, it remains.
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Re: End of Contract

ok thankyou Smiley Happy