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ESIM pack - staff at Westfield Branch giving out wrong infos

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I’m tired and disappointed that 02 staff at Westfield ( Ariel Way ) are giving out the wrong information trying to fob off people.


I was already using an eSIM on my iPhone SE but upgraded it to an iPhone 11 ( both phones are 4G  only ).


 Knowing that I needed a new eSIM pack so I could sim swap I’ve sent my carer to that branch to get a new pack: instruction was ‘eSIM pack pay monthly 4G’. Staff managed to give him the wrong one ( 5G ) so he volunteered again to go back to the same branch a few days later.


Apparently they were short with him demanding that I should be the one going to the store ( ironically they had no qualms giving him the eSIM pack the first time around ) then proceeded to belittling him saying that the eSIM 5G pack would work in a 4G phone. So they told him to keep the eSIM pack he got from them and that was it.



I ended up phoning customer service who told me that indeed I was right and a 5G eSIM would cause problems and sent me a 4G eSIM. They weren’t impressed by my local 02 branch performance though. 

I’ll probably receive the eSIM pack next Monday so can’t use my new phone until then …



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You're very welcome 👍

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