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Desperately need to remove false default from credit report



I have been going round in circles for weeks with CFR department and customer services, being redirected to payment management who apparently can't get me through security even though I'd just satisfied the CR rep!!! Trying to get a false default removed from my credit report.


Basically, I ordered a new pay monthly sim in April but cancelled with 14 days- never made any calls (other than possibly to o2?) - asked at the time for this to be confirmed by email but it never was, thought no more of it at the time as no more payments were taken. Fast forward 6 months and now applying for a mortgage which is being refused due to a default because of a missed payment of £108 on said contract in June. I have never received a bill from o2, or any notification of this charge! I have no idea why it was made.


CS are saying my account is saying £0 and settled but there is still a  mark on my credit history. I have contacted Equifax to put a note on my file but they say o2 are looking into it so have removed the note and told me to contact o2 payment management (who I can't get hold of!).


Hoping someone can tell me the quickest way to resolve this so I stand a chance of getting this mortgage sorted before I lose out on the house!





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Re: Desperately need to remove false default from credit report

Hi @TW2017

The number for the payment management team is

0800 902 0217

If you have any further problems then maybe one of our community managers @EmilieT

or @Martin-O2 could help?

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Re: Desperately need to remove false default from credit report

Hi @TW2017, and sorry to hear you've been having some difficulties with a default on your cedit report confused I can get someone to look into this for you, I just need a few more details so I'll send you a Private Message to get a few more details first!


Thanks @Cleoriff for the mention slight smile



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