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When does my contract end if i click o2 refresh upgrade early it says my contract end 30 june if i go on my tariff it says 30 july 2020. Also do i have to make o2 aware that i dont want the contract to continue after 24 months contract ends or does it automatically end. Thanks.
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Re: Contract

@Adil1 You should be able to see your contract end date on your MyO2 page http://www.o2.co.uk/myo2

When your contract finishes it doesn't just end by itself. It will become a rolling one month contract for the air time only. If you want to end the contract you must cancel it.



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Re: Contract

Is there a timeframe you have to contact o2 before the contract ends to end it? I clicked the link it says 30th june o2 refresh but in app when i click tariff it says 30 july contract ends
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Re: Contract


As posted by @Bambino in the guide above ^^^^


However if there is longer to go on your contract than 30 days you may be charged an early termination charge. You should be provided with information on this with your PAC/STAC or you can text INFO to 85075 to get details on any early termination fees that may be payable. If you are on O2 Refresh/O2 Custom Plan and there are payments to go on your credit agreement these will become due if you leave

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