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Contract extended without consent

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Hi , I currently have 4 separate phones ( children/ wife and myself ) all separate contracts. The contracts expired sometime ago, approx 3 weeks ago received communication from O2 showing all 4 contracts had been renewed on a 24 month sim basis. I hadn’t authorised this , spoken or discussed with anyone. Contact was made and after trying to explain was told details would be passed to the fraud department. Received today that fraud had closed their ticket , the 24 month contract still in place and 2 phones had their sims disconnected , new ones posted out without any contact

Spoke tonight and after trying to explain managed to get the 2 phones re connected via eSIMs, Requested that the contracts were reversed back to 30 day rolling , was told that there would be charges as still under a so called fraudulent contract , they tried to change but it wouldn’t proceed as we had just had esims sent. Don’t seem to be going anywhere, didn’t want any changes . Wife is adamant that we change provides , but can’t even do that currently, any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated 


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Try contacting O2 on the UK based social media teams.

Details in guide Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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