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Billing Problem

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I got a phone on contract last month trough the offer of upgrading my pay and go phone to a pay monthly it has 300 minutes unlimited texts 100mb Internet for £21 a month it said the first month will be 34 then the second month would have double discount I just got my seconds months bill and it is still saying 34 it said I needed to transfer my old number to the new sim which I have done so i am not sure what the problem is.

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Hi Ackdyn,

Because this is a community forum, we can't see your bills. You should either pop back to the store (if you got your contract in store) or call customer services for free on 202 to resolve this.

Hope this helps, and if there's anything else, pop back and let us know!

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It sounds like you've taken advantage of a deal for selected pay and go customers where you get a £10 discount and free internet?

When did you migrate your number? The migration of the number activates the discount and if this wasn't done in time for the second bill then this is why the discount wasn't applied, in normal circumstance the first bill will be for the full price, then a double discount to pay you back as you already know. Give customer service a call free on 202, tell them you took out one of the pre to post deals and ask them if they know why the discount hasn't be activated. Before doing that though, check on "My O2" and double check the discount hasn't been added in the mean time.

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