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Bill to Mobile bar

I was fortunate enough to prevent a Nexgen text from ruining my day recently by texting STOP to the number provided and I also asked customer services to put a Bill to Mobile bar on my account.
Does anyone know whether there is a safe free way of checking that this bar is in place without contacting customer services again?
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Re: Bill to Mobile bar

@IT  No one here has access to anyone else's account information, so you'll have to speak to customer service again. Best time to call is 8-8.30am to avoid a long wait time on hold. You could also contact CS via Live Chat, but I can't vouch for the reliability of what they would tell you.



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Re: Bill to Mobile bar

It's always best to call to confirm. I did the same recently because I couldn't remember if I had x done it previously . They confirmed the bar was on the account. The only way to confirm is to try and buy something from Play or iTunes. 

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Re: Bill to Mobile bar

 Hello @IT Great that you stopped that scammerFantastic


With the advice from the community here on o2 I put on a Bar on Bill to Mobile and a Premium Bar 

I don't know any other way to check other than to call Customer Services again either.

It would be very nice if these bars could be shown on the myO2 Account but at present

there is no check there either, pity as it would be very handy, maybe will one day.


I don't blame you wanting to make absolutely sure ~ Best wishes and good luck so glad you avoided these despicable scammers.