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Airtime + device contract, early payout

Hi bought an iphone 11 last September on a 36month device plan, though I think the airtime is only 12months. I can't seem to find where to confirm that. I have tried 202 all day, but not got through. I would like to leave o2 because my desk location in the house is a poor signal, and whilst o2 wifi is okay, it doesn't seem to bring in sms messages.


There was an automated option on 202 to make a payment, but it didn't ask whether I was paying towards airtime or device, do I'd rather not send £500 to my airtime plan. I also wanted to double check that once my device was paid off, I would be free to raise a pac code request and give 30 days notice on the airtime plan?



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Re: Airtime + device contract, early payout

Ill be corrected if I am wrong, but I believe if you pay off your device then you can cancel the airtime... I could be wrong tho.
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Re: Airtime + device contract, early payout

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Re: Airtime + device contract, early payout


If you want to leave just request your PAC Guide: How to get your PAC 2019 Update and give it to your new network.

Once they port in your number, O2 will cancel your contract and raise your final bill (which is what's left on your device plan). 

This will then be collected at your next billing date via the direct debit you have setup.

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Re: Airtime + device contract, early payout

Wow, thanks everyone, really quick and detailed responses

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Re: Airtime + device contract, early payout

Airtime matches your device plan - whether that is 12, 24, 36 or something in between (with the o2 flexible plans).
If you were to make a payment to the airtime in error then I believe you can ask them to move it over.
Changes to contracts means you don't have to give notice, so using your PAC stops it straight away.

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Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here