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4G calling withdrawal

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Recently I have noticed that o2 seemed to have pulled the plug on 4G calling in my area and the surrounding area too. It was available for a while but not now can anyone shed some light on this as I find it rather strange that 4G calling was available for a while and then taken off.


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I don't defend poor coverage whether its 4G.3G,2G or 55 and a bit G.


As a paying customer you're reasonably entitled to expect reasonable 4G coverage in the majority of places.


And O2 have certainly got a struggle on its hands with the double-whammy of ever increasing demand and limited bandwith. This isn't helping anyone, least of all O2's reputation.


But I've researched the reasons why which stems largely from the fact O2 obtained very limited 4G Spectrum c 2013 when the 4G spectrum was being sold off by the governemnt. O2 are trying very hard to overcome this issue by refarming 3G Spectrum in places like Leicester where virtually all their 2100Mhz 3G has been moved over to 4G-improving matters significantly. O2 are also planning to acquire a block of 2300mHz spectrum which again will help matters along. 


These things sadly can't just be done instantly. They requre planning, research, investment in infrastructure and many other things coming together to ensure maximum benefit is obtained.


In some instances you might even need a new handset which is LTE-A compatible to squeeze the maximum speed out of the network.


If you're happy with O2, apart from the 4G signal I would suggest you hang on. Obviously i can't promise by this time next month your signal will go from 2 bars to 5 bars and your data speed will go from 2mbs to 120 mbs. But even since October 2017, when I came back to O2 (from EE of all places!) there's been a slow but steady improvement both in 4G signal and in data speeds in the Barry/Cardiff area. 


This trend is likely to be nationwide so IMHO the future will be better.


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I do understand with o2 having limited bandwidth courtesy of the goverment rules which makes unfair competition against o2 but why offer 4G calling if they knew that the bandwidth isn't gonna be able to handle the extra traffic, Isn't it better if the company was honest and say hey they can't offer 4G calling at this time due to limited bandwidth rather than add 4G calling and then take it away months later that won't do them any favours doing that



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Simple answer is that new customers will go with a competittor who can give them 4G calling.

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