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share sim

I have my phone in O2 PAYG, i have just received a smart watch and was wondering if the 2 devices can share telephone number etc or will ijust have to access through bluetooth.  assistance appreciated,

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Re: share sim

Hi @Affleck001

You pair your watch to your phone via bluetooth.

You willl be able to receive texts and notifications of calls

It will store contacts on the watch....

( that's how it works on my husbands phone/smartwatch etc)

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Re: share sim

Only Bluetooth I’m afraid so you’ll always need your phone close by.
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Re: share sim

thank you for the replies, sorted


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Re: share sim

Depends on the watch... Some watches can take a sim so don't need to be paired to your phone while others are paired via WiFi/Bluetooth speak to O2 about a sharer plan.