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Voicemail query

I don't know whether the issue I have occurs on other mobile networks anyway, but here goes -


Last night, I switched my voicemail on before switching my mobile off.  This morning, I switched my phone back on and went off to do something, planning to turn my voicemail off when I returned.  Therefore, I had a bit of a  shock when I came back to my phone as it was ringing anyway, a call was coming through.  This isn't actually the first time I've had this happen though.  Obviously, I know I switched my voicemail on, because of the call log.


What I want to know is:


a) does anyone else experience this?


b) do callers (on landline or mobile networks) have some way of circumventing the voicemail facility (using some telecom command or code or something) ?


I'm not personally interested in learning how to be able to do that, but it makes me wonder whether it's a waste of time or not, if it's so easily overridden.  If I want to use the voicemail facility I will, and I'm glad it's there, but even so..........



Thanks for any help with this.





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Re: Voicemail query

Voicemail is either on or off @mjbj and no way for callers to influence that.
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Re: Voicemail query

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There are many forms of Call Diversion on O2, @mjbj@@  - when busy, when unanswered, when off-air and not in reach, etc. 

I rarely rely on voicemail, and have my phone set to give busy if it is off-net or out of reach (powered off), otherwise ring forever. I can call back from call history, why do I need a hurried or embarrassed voicemail?


I do not think a divert can be circumvented unless you permit that number to be treated differently via a phone favourite and settings for calls from favourites...


Some phones will even permit call diversión to be over-ridden completely - fo not disturb on a OnePlus will remain silent unless the same caller calls back within a minute or two, then it ri gs. Again, that is set up on the receiving phone itself. 

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Re: Voicemail query

Thanks for the reference page you provided.  I know how to use voicemail, and have been a customer of O2 for some years now.


However, despite turning my voicemail on last night again (as I usually do), I've tried one of the commands (**62*) this morning, and got the following on my phone:


Voice: not forwarded


and seven messages I'm sure aren't pertinent to this (Data, Fax, SMS, Sync, Async, Packet, PAD)


At least before, we used to have 1471 as well.


I'm beginning to think there are network issues somewhere.