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All you need to know about O2 Voicemail 901.

by on ‎09-10-2013 20:37 - last edited on ‎19-10-2020 14:52 by Community Manager (532,182 Views)

The most common issue we come across is customers trying to turn off voicemail and can't. 


If you want to know more about voicemail 901, read on.....


Visual Voicemail 

Visual voice mail (VVM) is a voicemail with a visual interface presenting a visual list of messages for playback. Each message can be shown on the screen, as text.

Turning on VM
Dial 1750 and press send
Turning off VM
Dial 1760 and press send

Personalise your greeting
Your Voicemail 901 is automatically set up with a default message that greets your callers. Or you can record your own. Here's how:

To change your personal greeting
Call 901 from your mobile
Press the * (star) key
You will hear the main menu options - select option 'three'
Another set of options - select 'two' to record a full greeting, or 'three' to record a new nametag
Follow the prompts to complete the change

To change your PIN
Call 901 from your mobile
Press the * (star) key
You will hear the main menu options - select option 'four'
Follow the prompts to complete the change

To retrieve your voicemail messages from a landline
Switch off your mobile phone
Dial your mobile number from a landline
Interrupt the voicemail greeting by pressing the * (star) key
Enter the four digit pin code (default is 8705)
Follow the prompts to listen to your messages

Check your messages
You can listen to your messages anytime by dialling 901 from your mobile. Or you can speed-dial Voicemail 901 by holding down 1.
Then, while you're listening to a message you can:
Press 0 to pause or continue
Press 4 to skip back 5 seconds
Press 6 to skip forward 5 seconds
You can also do any of the following during or after you've heard your message:
Press 1 to replay the message
Press 2 to save it
Press 3 to delete it
Press 5 to return the call
Press 7 to forward or reply (post-pay only)
Press 8 to hear who called you and when
Press 9 to reply by text (post-pay only)

How much does it cost?
If you're a Pay & Go customer, calls to 901 are chargeable (see your tariff for individual prices) https://www.o2.co.uk/freesim/
If you're a Pay Monthly customer, calls to 901 come out of your allowance or are charged at your tariff rate (currently 35ppm).

O2 Call Alert
What is it?
O2 Call Alert is a simple, easy-to-use alternative to Voicemail 901. It provides missed call information for up to four callers, at no extra cost, by sending you a text message update.
So, if you're on another call or your mobile's switched off, if you're out of coverage or you just don't answer in time, O2 Call Alert will tell you the caller's number and the last time they called.
But it's not just you who benefits from the service. Callers also hear a message telling them that their number's being sent to you via text message, to let you know they called. (Although, if anyone decides to withhold their number, you won't be sent the missed call text and they'll be told to call again later.)

How do I switch it on?
You can turn on O2 Call Alert any time by calling 1710 free from your mobile phone. And you call exactly the same number to switch it off.

Voicemail 901 users
If you use Voicemail 901 and you want to replace the service with O2 Call Alert, call 1710 free from your mobile. Then you just call the same number to switch back again. (Please note: you can only have one service or the other.)

How much does it cost?
If you've got O2 Call Alert it's free to receive the text update, whether you're in the UK or abroad.
If you're calling someone with O2 Call Alert you'll be charged your standard tariff rate unless you withhold your number, then it's free.

Voicemail 901 Abroad

To obtain the Voicemail roaming number call 1780 free from the mobile (whilst in the UK) and a text with the voicemail roaming number will be sent to your mobile.
Before travelling abroad, you will need to change your voicemail pin code from the default. If you don't and you are roaming on a network which doesn't support short codes, then you will not be able to retrieve 901 messages.

Pay Monthly and PAYG

How can I listen to my voicemail when I'm abroad?
Just call 901 as usual. This will work in some countries abroad. Depending on which country you're in, you'll either go straight to your messages or you'll go to your voicemail greeting. If it's your voicemail greeting, press * and enter your PIN.
In countries where this doesn't work, you'll need to call a different number for your voicemail.

Try calling your own number,  when you hear your voicemail greeting, press * and enter your PIN.

Alternatively, call +44 7802 090 100 once you're abroad. We'll send you a text with the number to call.

How much does it cost?
If you call to listen to your voicemail messages, it will cost the same as a call back to the UK.

What if I forget my PIN?
Here's how to change it:
Call 901
Press * for greetings and mailbox settings and then 4
Follow the prompts
If you forget your PIN when you're abroad, you'll need to call our customer service team and ask for your PIN to be reset. You'll need to change it before you can listen to your messages.


Contact Numbers
Pay monthly from abroad
+44 844 809 0200 Free
PAYG from abroad
+44 7860 980 202 International rates
Opening times
Monday-Friday 08:00 - 21:00
Saturday 08:00 - 20:00
Sunday 08:00 - 18:00
Sunday PAYG 09:00 - 18:00

About Call Diverts
With call diverts you can divert incoming calls to any UK fixed phone or mobile. There are four call diversion options available which you can set up from your mobile:
Not Reachable Divert
To activate ** 62 * phone number # SEND
To cancel ## 62 # SEND
To check status * # 62 # SEND
Divert calls when busy
To activate ** 67 * 901 # SEND
To cancel ## 67 # SEND
To check status * # 67 # SEND
Divert calls when there is no reply
To activate ** 61 * phone number * 11 * no seconds# SEND
To cancel ## 61 # SEND
To check status * # 61 # SEND
Divert all calls
To activate ** 21 * phone number # SEND
To cancel ## 21 # SEND
To check status * # 21 # SEND
To cancel all call diverts
To cancel ## 002 # SEND

For info on controlling the length of time your phone rings before VM answers see Josie's guide here


by Anonymous
on ‎03-03-2014 15:16

Is it possible to block certain people leaving voicemails? I can't block them totally as I use the phone for business, but certain marketing people call like 6 times a day and leave voicemails multiple times. I have to listen to the voicemail in case it's a customer, but at the moment I'm spending hard earned money listening to marketing calls. Any thoughts on how to deal with that? Thanks

on ‎03-03-2014 16:06
All you can do is individually block each number if the number is displayed. If withheld there's nothing you can do unfortunately, except report the companies as spam callers to http://www.phonepayplus.org.uk/
You can also register your number there to block marketing calls but it isn't always successful.
‎16-03-2014 19:31 - edited ‎16-03-2014 19:34

Just found this brilliant guide again. Thanks.

I had forgotten a lot of what was said and am now able to refresh my memory. Smiley Very Happy

by Anonymous
on ‎17-01-2015 14:16

This guide is very useful, thanks though I realised both my Voicemail and O2 Call Alert were switched on automatically when I used my new phone for the first time this week.  A friend had tried to phone just as I was putting my sim card in and the voicemail came on.  I then got a text call alert to say she had tried to ring!

‎17-01-2015 20:11 - edited ‎17-01-2015 21:11

Some additional info here pm'd to me by @Anonymous , thanks for the update....

Where its says Vm Roaming, you can access it by dialling 901 like u would at home,etc.... not quite.  901 works in some countries, the customer may wish obtain their voicemail retrieval number by calling 1780 in the UK or 0044802090100 from abroad – use this number to then access voicemails when 901 is not available with their Voicemail PIN.

It's not to do if the network has an agreement with us but the networks capabilities (or lack of!)when handling roamers.

The Eu networks all use the "short codes" but most countries it's a mixture, some supported, some not.

by Anonymous
on ‎17-01-2015 20:30
@MI5 can I please just check with you re the voicemail number from abroad, should it not be 0044 (not 0047)?
on ‎17-01-2015 20:44

@Anonymous wrote:
@MI5 can I please just check with you re the voicemail number from abroad, should it not be 0044 (not 0047)?

Yes I would have thought so but I just copied @Anonymous pm to me....

by Anonymous
on ‎17-01-2015 21:05

As flattering as this is @MI5 you really should know by now that I am not really the best when It comes to paying attention...the number 7 key is just above the number 4...D'oh!

on ‎17-01-2015 21:11
No worries, I have amended it Smiley Happy
on ‎17-01-2015 21:18

@Anonymous wrote:

the number 7 key is just above the number 4...D'oh!

A change of mobile may be in order then @Anonymous  Don't want to see you struggle now LOL

by Anonymous
‎17-01-2015 21:20 - edited ‎17-01-2015 21:21

@Anonymousgiven @Cleoriff's excellent suggestion can I recommend you join the Android Army?

by Anonymous
on ‎17-01-2015 21:32

Ah.....but this happened because I wasn't using my BlackBerry! I was on a pc!!! Nice try! LOL

on ‎17-01-2015 21:40

@Anonymous wrote:

Ah.....but this happened because I wasn't using my BlackBerry! I was on a pc!!! Nice try! LOL

Funny PC then...as the number 4 is three steps away from the number 7 on my laptop....so pffftttt..LOL

on ‎17-01-2015 21:44
Way off topic now but if you have an extended keyboard with number pad to the right the 7 is directly above the 4 Smiley Happy
by Anonymous
on ‎17-01-2015 21:46
Excuses excuses. Just face it @Anonymous the Android Army is the best solution to your keyboard issues!
on ‎17-01-2015 21:48

@MI5 wrote:
Way off topic now but if you have an extended keyboard with number pad to the right the 7 is directly above the 4 Smiley Happy

I stand corrected.

by Anonymous
on ‎18-01-2015 10:11

Right, last comments on this:

yes that is the type of keyboard used.

No I will not join "the army"

And we are wayyyy off-topic.


Naughty Naughty! I should do a Voice mail pop quiz to see if anybody has been paying attention to the real topic....Thoughful

by Anonymous
on ‎23-03-2015 19:24

Excellent clear description generally but it doesn't seem to mention the sending of notification texts to alert one to Voicemail messages.  Presumably this should happen - though it's not working for me.


Does this need something else setting up to make it work?



on ‎23-03-2015 19:50

Ironically I don't use o2 VM, but I believe the notifications you get vary by phone type.

iPhones should download the message and play iy back through the handset (called visual voicemail) and other phones should give you a notification icon either in the notification bar or on the phone app icon.

You can replace the voicemail function with "call alert" but you can't have both enabled at the same time.

on ‎23-03-2015 19:53
by Anonymous
on ‎29-07-2016 11:55
If I turn my voicemail off will people still be able to leave messages?
on ‎29-07-2016 12:03

@Anonymous wrote:
If I turn my voicemail off will people still be able to leave messages?

Definitely not

on ‎29-07-2016 15:23

@jonsie wrote:

@Anonymous wrote:
If I turn my voicemail off will people still be able to leave messages?

Definitely not


on ‎29-07-2016 20:23

@jonsie wrote:

@Anonymous wrote:
If I turn my voicemail off will people still be able to leave messages?

Definitely not

Well that made me laugh....Bouncy

on ‎30-07-2016 13:54
I'm interested to know why you would think it might still work.
What was your thought process?
on ‎30-07-2016 14:00

I think it was more a case of confirmation. Guess not wanting someone to be able to leave a message....

on ‎30-07-2016 14:02
Dunno, just seemed a strange question.
on ‎30-07-2016 14:04

@MI5 wrote:
Dunno, just seemed a strange question.

Yes strange but we've had stranger LOL

on ‎30-07-2016 14:09
by Anonymous
on ‎18-01-2017 13:53

How to retrieve deleted voice messages

by Anonymous
on ‎18-01-2017 13:55

How to retrieve deleted voice messages ?????

on ‎18-01-2017 13:55

@Anonymous wrote:

How to retrieve deleted voice messages ?????

Not possible I'm afraid.

on ‎18-01-2017 14:08

What phone do you have? I believe it's possible under certain circumstances on iPhone? 

by Anonymous
on ‎16-02-2017 23:23
I'll chip-in an extra little tip here - There are some countries where 901 doesn't work and the 44802... number doesn't work either (The Philippines is one that I know of - the 44802 number seems to have been specifically blocked there),
However there is a work-around:
Turn off your phone (or take the sim out ).
Call your mobile number from another phone, and it will got to your voicemail.
Then follow the instruction above to get your voicemail from a landline by entering * and the Pin etc,etc
on ‎17-02-2017 06:15
Good tip Smiley Happy
by Anonymous
on ‎25-09-2017 21:06

OK I am having an issue with voicemail and trying to turn it off.


I am dialing 1760 and I hear a voice telling me to please wait whilst they turn off voice mail and then the very next thing I hear is we are unable to turn your voice mail off.


Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?





by Anonymous
on ‎25-09-2017 21:13

Further to the above I thought it maybe because I had turned it off by mistake to called 1750 to turn it on again.


I was met with the message we can not turn your voicemail on as we have not yet received your number - Now this is strange because I most definitely turned my voicemail on, I even set a personal greeting and set the time my phone should ring before going to voicemail.


The only difference between setting it up and now is I have a different mobile, I set it up on an iPhone and I am now using an S7.



on ‎25-09-2017 21:28

@AnonymousHave you got Tugo installed?

"The most common issue we come across is customers trying to turn off voicemail and can't. The most likely cause of this is having Tugo installed.
Currently Tugo features "visual voicemail" as a built in function and as such prevents the user from turning off voicemail.....

Edit: The latest version of Tugo allows you to turn off VM through the Tugo app."

All mentioned here....


by Anonymous
on ‎25-09-2017 21:31

No I do not have Tugo installed.


I do not have any O2 apps installed on my mobile

on ‎25-09-2017 21:31
Sounds very much like you need to call customer service to have your vm account reset.
by Anonymous
on ‎25-09-2017 21:32



Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated 

on ‎25-09-2017 21:35

@Anonymous wrote:

No I do not have Tugo installed.


I do not have any O2 apps installed on my mobile

Ok then I hope you get it sorted with your vm being reset...

‎26-02-2018 14:25 - edited ‎26-02-2018 14:26

On previous phones I could set to divert to answerphone if busy, divert to answerphone if switched off etc.


I cannot find these options anywhere (MotoG5). This thread suggests that answerphone settings are controlled at O2's "end" rather than on the handset. If that is so then how do I set the above?


(On previous phones and networks I have never had to do anything as the defaults were to divert to answerphone when busy, unavailable etc). 


If I call my phone from my phone then I would expect to get dumped to answerphone but all I get is a busy tone and then the call is cut off.

If I switch off my phone and call it from another I get "Welcome to the O2 message centre, the person you are calling.... please leave a message...".

So, answerphone is activated (good) but why does it it not divert to it when busy? Also, I had set up a personal greeting (on this phone, on this contract) but that seems to have gone.

Any thoughts people?



on ‎26-02-2018 14:34
by Anonymous
‎26-02-2018 15:12 - edited ‎26-02-2018 15:16





Phone > Menu (3 dots)> Settings > Calls > Call Forwarding

on ‎26-02-2018 15:36

@Anonymous Thanks but no Phone menu in settings. 

@MI5 Thanks I will check those out.

on ‎26-02-2018 15:47

@MI5 Partial success! I have used the code to send to 901 when busy but I cannot use the code for no reply as it requires you to enter words ("no seconds)" in the number and there is no way of doing that. You can only type numbers!

Pity as that is the one I use the most (I have assumed all these months that if I let it ring out the person will get to leave a message!!).

on ‎26-02-2018 16:02

Just use the number 0

on ‎26-02-2018 16:13

Result! Thanks very much.

on ‎26-02-2018 16:24
Good news Smiley Happy