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The Doro 1370 mobile phone

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It's all smartphones nowadays, so if you are looking for an 'ordinary' mobile phone with buttons just like the 'old days', and a large clear display or just fancy a change from Nokia then the Doro 1370 mobile phone could be the phone for you.


The Doro 1370 has large buttons set apart, which makes it easier to text with and less likely to press the wrong button when texting. It is much better at alerting you to Voicemail than some Nokia phones, and even alerts you again to a Voicemail message you've forgotten about 10 minutes later, should you choose that option. And this phone is all about options. It has good options available, better than some Nokia phones and very clear with alerts. The sound is good, you can hear the phone ring or hear the text alert when in a noisy cafe for example. The Doro 1370 has a large screen in landscape position, rather than portrait way round, which is much better for taking photos, as they are usually in landscape view anyway, so it makes sense to have the screen this way round. The photos are clear and sharp and look good, but you can only take about 3 or 4 photos before the memory gets full, so I would advise that you put in a 32GB microSDHC memory card in the phone when setting it up.

The phone is fast to switch on and connect to a network. (it was actually 02!) In fact I couldn't believe how quick it is.

The only downside to this phone is the memory. The text Inbox only allows about 60 messages and the Sent text box only about 60 messages before you need to delete them all to free up memory. The envelope symbol flashes to alert you to this. And the phone won't accept any more incoming texts before you do. You can do this by going into Settings-Messages-Delete all and there are options to delete all messages in one go, but it is hidden in Settings. This could be a pain for some people as Nokia phones Inboxes usually hold a lot more texts before they need deleting.

Also the File Manager is hidden in Settings, rather than easy access in the Menu and the Delete Folder option is missing, so unfortunately you have to connect the phone to a computer to delete folders you have created. Why this is so I don't know, so that needs improvement I think, especially as this phone is aimed at Senior Citizens ('cos old people can't use computers! Only joking silver surfers!)

But the good news is it's a good phone. The actual text messages are in white letters with a black background and the Sender's details at the bottom of each text are in white letters with a green background which is a nice little touch. Although I wonder if anybody has noticed!

The phone doesn't press buttons of its own accord as much as Nokia phones do whilst it is in your pocket and it is very pleasing to look at. That is good for men who don't have handbags!

The Bluetooth works well and there is a nice clear Calendar.

There is no video camera unfortunately, but a zoom feature and a flash for photos makes up for this.

I like the 4 shortcut buttons and the 'Top 10' feature allows me to add 10 of my favourite numbers to the top of the Contacts list.

A nice little phone with lots of nice little touches. And although Doro market this phone for Senior Citizens you don't have to be old to use it! I'm 44!

If you can do without the web and want a phone that is easy to text with, has good clear alerts, (Voicemail for instance) and one with buttons to easily slip in your pocket then this phone is for you.