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Samsung Galaxy A71 Review

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It was time for me to upgrade in January so I paid off the remainder of my contract last month to get a new phone. For those of you who remember, you may know that I bought the Galaxy S20+ at the beginning of the year and was extremely disappointed with it as the battery life was dire, speaker quality really bad, amongst other things and went back to my previous phone.

This time I decided to go mid range and went for the Galaxy A71 for a couple of reasons, I wanted to lower my bill as I'm looking to move in with my partner and need the extra money and as it was on a really good deal with O2.
This has been a really good decision for me as I'm really impressed with this phone!
It has all the bells and whistles of the high end phones. You're not really compromising on the screen quality, it is a really good screen! You're also not compromising on audio quality. The audio on the A71 sounds much better than it ever did on my S20+!
Battery life has to be the most amazing thing about this phone as I can use this phone heavily all day and still have 30% battery left at midnight! My S20+ would've needed charging at least once or twice during that period of the same usage.
The phone isn't slow or laggy at all, it's just as good to me as any high end phone in terms of performance.
The camera is brilliant with the 64MP camera. You can take some really good looking photos with it. You do lack some of the zoom from the S20 range but it really isn't a big deal.
This phone also comes with a dual SIM tray. The high end ranges (S10 and S20) do come with this feature but you can't have a Micro SD memory card if you use two SIM cards, on the A71 you can because the SIM tray has three slots and not two which has also come in handy for me as I can have a back up SIM in my phone for data when I'm out and about.
I got mine in the Prism Crush Blue colour which is exclusive to O2 in the UK which in my opinion, is the nicest colour of them all slight_smile
This phone's back casing isn't made from glass, it's glasstic which I personally find is more durable, if you drop these devices, they are less likely to smash while still feeling really premium in the hand. The lack of glass makes it lighter to hold therefore enhancing the user experience.

These are just some of the points that have come to mind since upgrading to the Galaxy A71, based on my experience up to now, I would rate this phone a 9/10 and is definitely worth thinking about if you want a new phone that's premium but you don't want to pay out a lot every month for.

Thanks for reading. slight_smile