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iPhone 13 Pro - one week on!

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I recently posted that I’d decided to go against the brand I usually upgrade to and upgrade to the iPhone 13 Pro (my very first iPhone upgrade!). 

Coming from Samsung phones for the first time in 20 years isn’t something I’ve taken lightly (I’ve had Samsung phones since the A300 flip phone release in 2001). The long and short of it is that I was tired of compromising with battery life for getting the smaller models, an Ultra is just too big for my clumsy hands, it would be on the floor more than it would be in them 😄


and in general, I’m just bored of the subtle changes to new models, I think the smartphone industry in general has someone stagnated over the past few years, I wanted something fresh. Not that I’m dissing Samsung, all phones have their flaws. I like Samsung a lot, I just fancied a change this time around, mainly due to battery performance above all things.


The iPhone has been a real learning curve for me, everyone says they’re easy - I must be the only person in the world that has found it complicated and confusing. Why aren’t the app settings in each individual app? And why is there no back button? - I swear the amount of times I’ve tried to press it is unreal 😛  and who knew I couldn’t take my WhatsApp chats with me 😞 
Anyway, all of that aside, this phone has impressed me a lot!

The camera is really good, I’ve been able to install the more familiar Google keyboard and the battery life has totally wowed me! On Saturday, I visited Hull. I was using my Camera, Google Maps, iMessage, WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook quite heavily throughout the day. My phone came off charge at 8am and still had 60% battery at 9pm! If that had been any of my previous Samsung flagship phones, it would’ve been dead long before that time after such heavy use! I love the look of this phone also. It looks and feels very premium!

After initial humming and hawing, I’ve decided to keep this phone as it’s doing exactly what I wanted it to do, the battery lasts and it’s something new! I’ve ordered myself an Apple Watch SE as my Galaxy Watch Active 2 keeps overheating and switching off. I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts on this.