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Disappearing/phantom data

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Hi, I recently tried to change tariff (10DATA to 15DATA) before topping up and it seemed to confuse things. I should have waited for the confirmation, but I did try to change back once the £10 had been taken and the 7gb confirmed. However, after this the 7gb disappeared (I didn't notice at first, and used £2) and I seemed to be stuck on the 15 tariff. I spoke to customer services and they reinstated the 7Gb, but took the remaining money in the account to do so, meaning that I've paid £18 for 7Gb. In addition, the data seemed to be 1/10th of what it should be. I don't have a great data signal, or much space on my phone, so I know I've only used about 700mb (and no streaming), plus I had the 'less than 1.4gGb' warning in less than an hour (with no throttling), which I'm sure is impossible in my area.

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Sounds like you have confused the system, and have basically caused issues for yourself. 

I would speak to CS on 4445 or If you message O2 on Facebook ( , Twitter ( or Instagram ( , they should be able to help you with this

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'Basically caused issues for yourself'. Sorry, but that's more than a bit dismissive considering what I've lost, and the data discrepancy, which I promise you is real. I admitted my mistake in the first post (which didn't cost the company), but that doesn't excuse the system or the subsequent handling of the issue.

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