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Cancelling auto top up

I am having a frustrating time trying to cancel my auto top up on my pay as you go account. I initially tried via My O2 and can find no links to do so, the FAQs say that you should be able to do this on My O2 but do not explain how. I have tried calling customer services on 4445 who told me that I have to do this myself on My O2 and they cannot do it for me. I have looked at some of the older posts on O2 community about this issue but the solutions suggested in them and the links people have posted do not seem to work for me. Any help with solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Cancelling auto top up

Hi @ob2598 

You should be able to do it via My O2. Have a look at this link where it says 'can I stop my auto top up'....and take it from there.


If you have any issues at all then customer services will have to do it for you. Call on 4445

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Re: Cancelling auto top up

You shouldn't have any issues if you follow the above advice @ob2598 but if anything comes up let us know. wink

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