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Adding Credit to New SIM



I have a new 02 SIM which I have put in an 02 iphone. As yet I have not been able to add any credit.

I have also tried putting credit on the phone by using a credit card from the phone itself but that also does not work. Have tried calling your customer support number that came with the SIM but ever time I call I am cut off. I looked on your website which does not help at all. When I try and top up via the web site it say’s “Sorry, that isn't an O2 Pay As You Go number”. I can’t seem to find a contact form on line to get in touch.


If any one can help that would be great.





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Re: Adding Credit to New SIM

Hi @Ark15 ,


You can buy credit/top up from most newsagents and supermarkets. You should also be able to top-up via your credit card by ringing 4444. The reason why the website and credit card isnt working is probably because its not an active o2 sim. The only way you will be able to activate it is via a topup voucher from a supermarket or newsagent.



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Re: Adding Credit to New SIM