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20202 not working

Hi guys. Me and my wife are both on o2 and we have been texting BALANCE to 20202 for the past 3 days but we are not getting a reply back.

Is there an issue with this system. I can download the O2 app but my wife cant because of a lack of space on her phone
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Re: 20202 not working

Hi @Alan1979
There has been a couple of issues with checking balances since the network issue late last week.
Most seem to have been fixed now though so I'd try rebooting your phones and if that doesn't help, call customer services on 4445 to report it.
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Re: 20202 not working

I've noticed some older threads where this service does seem to have its moments. Probably best just to see how things go in the coming working week.

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Re: 20202 not working

This should be working now. The contract equivalent of 21202 is definitely working ok so try 20202 again this morning.

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Re: 20202 not working

Hi @Alan1979, and welcome to the forum Wave Are you still experiencing some issues with this or is it all sorted now? Let us know if you need more help or have any additional questions!

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Re: 20202 not working

@EmilieT all sorted now thanks
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Re: 20202 not working

Yes still not working I’ve tried all week