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Re: Scam warning, received this email, requests all bank acct details once logged in

@Cleoriff wrote:

Hi @Anonymous  Yes the originator from Italy was identified by another member @Beenherebefore  on another Scam thread yesterday.  It doesn't hurt to get the message out as much as possible though. Thanks for your heads up..Smiley Wink

It doesn't necessarily mean the scammer is located in Italy.


The Italian website has been hacked and is being used to spam out.


The scammer could be located anywhere in the world.

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Re: Scam warning, received this email, requests all bank acct details once logged in

Hi guys, I have received the below info regarding this issue and wanted to share it for your piece of mind. I will close off this discussion now, but feel free to PM me about the issue if you're having any more communication of this kind:


We’ve completed the investigation after reports from some customers about a new phishing scam. This attempt was triggered by a malware.  


To explain a little further, if a computer/laptop is compromised, the scammers can put on key loggers and other malware, this can be done when visiting legitimate compromised web sites, clicking on phishing e-mails or using unsecured wireless networks. They can capture keystrokes and screenshots of any systems that a user logs onto.  This information is then used by the scammers in targeted phishing emails and texts to make the user think they are genuinely sent from the originator because it appears to contain accurate information to the user.


To conclude, no personal data that may have been used within this phishing scam originated from O2.


We have a page on our website where customers can find out more about phishing emails, how to spot them and what they can do if they receive one that claims to be from us: http://www.o2.co.uk/help/everything-else/phishing#qs You can also check out our blog that showcase an example phishing email attempt: http://news.o2.co.uk/2014/05/29/phishing-alert-may-2014/


We take the subject of security very seriously and we’re constantly working hard to help prevent fraudulent activity from happening.  Customers who receive an email they suspect is a phishing scam just need to forward it to phishing@o2.com so we can investigate and shut down these scammers.

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