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No signal

Most of the time I have no signal in or around my bungalow ,should I change my service provider?
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Re: No signal

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@Pinkers Check to see if there are any problems in your area here: http://status.o2.co.uk/

If there aren't, make sure your phone is unlocked and try the Pay & Go sims from the other providers before you make a decision. Be aware that if you are on a contract, if you move you will still have to pay off what remains for you to pay. If you lodge a complaint because of poor service, you may be allowed to get out of your contract, or pay a lesser amount: https://www.o2.co.uk/how-to-complain

Edit: Did you check what your signal was like before you chose O2?


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Re: No signal

If there are no known issues in the area then yes, maybe a new service provider is the way to go.. Check signal with free online sims from the four main providers. 

If contract you can shown load O2 Ask for service over wifi at home.



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Re: No signal

Hi Wave @Pinkers and Welcome to O2 Community Forum...

...Looking after number one is very important... after all, you are the one... just weigh the pros and cons and choose the best to suit your needs... of course, after you checked out @Bambino@jonsie answers...

All the best to you...! smiling

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Re: No signal

Hi @Pinkers slight smile


The advice from @Bambino and @jonsie should be a good start, but let us know how you're getting on with this!

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