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Extras on my monthly bill 25th June.

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I have tried contacting you before. My Issue with you....

When I went into your O2 shop in Croydon the staff there agreed with me that we did not need/use all the monthly data allowance. They agreed to reduce the allowance to 4GB for each phone (2 off). Unfortunately they omitted to carry over the Zero GBP spend cap. We then went abroad and unknowingly racked up £45 of "Things you bought" on our June invoice. Our normal monthly bills are in the order of £34/month. I am requesting that you reimburse me the £45 plus VAT as it was your staffs fault for not carrying the zeroGBP forward. 

Please reply to me by email or post. the 2 mobile numbers are (REMOVED). regards (REMOVED)


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You need to remove your mobile numbers from this public forum, which scammer and spammers scrape for people putting mobile numbers on this forum, and you are liable..


o2 should not refund you, as it is your responsibility to check everything has been added back onto the account, as part of the change of tariff.. 


It is also upto to prove the staff member made an error, but it sounds like to me you didnt check. 


You can try but YOU need to call Customer Services on 202 from your o2 phone or 0344 809 0202 and no one from o2 will contact you from this customer to customer community


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