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Amazon Prime

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I am paying for Amazon Prime through my O2 account but I don't have it in my Amazon account. It is offering me a 30day free trial.


How can I access the Amazon Prime I am paying for through O2 in my Amazon account?


Also, it says on O2's website that this Amazon Prime subscription can be cancelled any time but on MyO2 it says that this extra is for a 6 month minimum term.


Very disappointed and annoyed to be paying for for a service I cannot use, compounded by not being able to cancel it. Poor show O2.



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It is quite clear that your minimum term is 6months, but you cancel at anytime, but the 6 months minimum term applies and your extra will be cancelled at the end of that 6 month period. 


I have done this with loads of extra's where I sign up and then within the next few days go in a cancel the extra.. 


I wouldn't even bother complaining, as the terms are quite clear in my view, but you could always wait 8 weeks and find out the same the information... 

BTW the 6mth minimum is set by Amazon. 

This is a customer to customer forum, and there is no o2 support on here, and we do not have access to any personal or account information,

We are all customers like you and I don't work for o2,
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