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02 switch up taking longer then expected

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I ordered my new iPhone online through 02 switch up the same day I ordered my laptop. Laptop here with 24 hours iPhone 15 still not here. 

order date was 4/4. Expected delivery 8/4 no delivery. Still says processing even though I had a text to say it has gone through. 

can’t get any straight answers from anyone when I ask about what is happening. Don’t know what to do next? 

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Most likely out of stock.

Looks like you should contact the sales team as they can help with that – message them on Social Media if that works best for you -on Facebook ( , Twitter ( or Instagram (

Or you can call them on 0800 081 0255


Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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I will say it again, best way to do switch up in store, as 99% of the time you walk out with the phone and it is all sorted and no waiting for stock on still a popular handset.. 

Also Apple prioritise their own sales channels, and its that time of year that enterprise customers are getting there deliveries of handsets order before the end of the financial year,  and all other retailers fight over the scraps

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