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Re: Would you use VR to view gigs?

Everyone seems pretty enthusiastic about the idea Happy Dance



Completely agree with you, it takes a little time to get used to it but the it's really fun. Someone in my family has a headset and plays Skyrim in VR, which I'm very keen on trying. I'll let them know about MelodyVR and if they can try it I'll share some more insights here!



I'm afraid of heights so that sounds terrifying, I'm not sure I'd be up for something like that dizzy 



I'd love to get a chance to see the Rolling Stones! A little far from me but maybe another time ...



Will be looking out for something along the lines of what you described, if there were rentable VR headsets it'd be a good step towards making this tech more accessible already. Brilliant idea smiling


After browsing this service's app page it looks like they also give you access to some recordings you can experience in Virtual Reality. I think that'll be fantastic for the years to come, once the tech gets both more accessible and refined, so you can see these special gigs years after they've happened and still get the best out of them. 




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