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World Mental Health Day

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As a sufferer of poor mental health for over 25 years ... I don't 'celebrate' today ... = ... 'the razamataz' is far too overwhelming for me ... & ... I stay at home purposefully Smiley Sad

I understand & applaud the raising of awareness of mental health issues ... & ... very sad to say the statistics of 25 years ago are the same today ... = ... 1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental health related illness at sometime in their lives

Poor mental health runs in my family so we do understand

The Young Royals are supporting a mental health initiative called 'Heads Together'

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Re: World Mental Health Day

Everyone should be aware of mental health every day not just one day a year. Some of us have to live with mental health issues each and every day of our lives.

People who need reminding could probably care less anyway. 

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Re: World Mental Health Day

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Agree! clap For some reason, people don't realize how important mental health is 

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Re: World Mental Health Day

Nor do they realise that no one is immune. Mental health issues can effect you at any time of your life and have a devastating effect on you, your family and friends.

I am particularly thinking of Alzheimers and Dementia. I know they primarily affect the elderly but there are many cases referred to as early onset which can strike people in their 40s and 50s.

As @jonsie says we should all be aware of mental health every day not one day a year.
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Re: World Mental Health Day

At least the stigma attached to mental health issues is diminishing somewhat. This is due to immense publicity about the subject. 30 years ago no-one thought depression was part of mental health.

The reality of it is that one in four adults will experience a mental illness at some point each year in the UK. Something we never hear is that we only expect to help 15 per cent of them.

That is not totally due to lack of funding.


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Re: World Mental Health Day

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It's the young children & teenagers who can & do suffer with poor mental health which is so very very sad to put it mildly

Poor mental health can & does cause poor physical health

I have read the article you posted @Cleoriff with interest ... my brief experince of IAPT was all on paper on a scale of 1 to 10 & a tickbox thing = did nowt for me Smiley Sad

Now what I write following may seem inapropriate but it is relevant ... ... ... I'm not that good atm & have been trying to help myself ... they say crying can be therapeutic & I've been bawling my eyes out lately ... then picked up a part-read fiction book about a cat = cried some more ... but ... I know I'll probably sleep tonight ... You use all the tools in your toolbox sometimes

Fair do's to all who suffer with poor mental health & their loved ones 

I apologise if I've spoken out of turn