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In the Spotlight: Meri

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Hi guys!


Today we honour @Anonymous who joined the community exactly one month ago! Happy month anniversary Meri! 




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Hi everyone! As most of you know I am a recently new addition to the O2 community team and I work here as a Community Coordinator together with the rest of the team. I am originally from Barcelona, Spain and have previous experience in running communities in other languages. I have background in digital marketing and languages and I love to learn new things everyday!


What do you like best about the forum?
I love that there is never a dull moment in the community. There’s always new questions popping up here and there and the members are always involved in giving a hand to the new comers! I respect that. I also admire the fact that there’s very knowledgeable people in here.

What do you think you’ve done in your life that defines you?
Well, If I must be completely honest, I will tell you a secret… I must confess that I failed English class (consistently) until I was 15 years old. (I know) I just didn’t get the grammar, the structure or maybe I wasn’t interested enough to learn it. Who knows! Anyways, for some reason, at the age of 15 something switched in my brain and I decided to learn everything I had been taught in only 3 months during my summer vacations. So much so that I graduated with honors in English class and a few years later I enrolled in University to study a BA in Translation studies. I am now a certified translator in 4 languages. So, I think “resilient” is a word that I would use to define me. That or that I am completely stubborn Smiley Wink

Where is your dream destination?
I confess that I am a sucker for white sand and turquois waters. Anywhere in the Caribbean excites me! But then again I love the Finnish countryside, with its thousand lakes and log cabins. Nature in general is a must for me

What TV series are you on at the moment?
I am not a person that usually follows trends I must admit. So I am usually late for “the latest thing”. With that being said, I am currently hooked on the second season of Heroes, which I completely loooove! And I also decided to re-watch “Sherlock” since the Christmas special is approaching and I want to follow it “precisely” ☺


Any hobbies?
I love anything to do with handcrafts! Watercolor and acrylic painting, clay pottery, scrapbooking, you name it!…mind you, my mum in law is trying to get me into quilting but my house is too small for that. I would need an extra room! Ah!


Any secret pleasures?
I absolutely love it when it’s heavily raining outside at night and I am curled up in bed with a hot water bottle around my feet. I feel the world is mine! ;-)





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Re: In the Spotlight: Meri

Hi @Anonymous

Great to have you here. Congratulations on being resilient with your exams....Bouncy

I am absolutely delighted at your choice of TV programmes...Sherlock is one of my favourites...(hence my signature)  So just for you....(and me) Happy Dance


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Re: In the Spotlight: Meri


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Re: In the Spotlight: Meri


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Re: In the Spotlight: Meri

Heroes! that was an awesome series. Shame it ended. There were rumours the Microsoft were re-commissioning it under the MSNBC / XBOX Video service but that came to nothing...

Might have to re-watch it now ;-)
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Re: In the Spotlight: Meri

Thanks for the warm welcome guys! This is making my anniversary oh-so-much-more special! Fantastic

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Re: In the Spotlight: Meri

Glad to have you here @Anonymous

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Re: In the Spotlight: Meri

Great to have you join us @Anonymous

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Re: In the Spotlight: Meri

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Re: In the Spotlight: Meri

good to have you here Meri Hug