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Four Years of WRQ!

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 White Room Quiz - 4th Anniversary Quiz - 02 Aug 2023 


Since this momentous WRQ falls right in the middle of our Summer Week 2023, I thought it only appropriate to highlight @Mi-Amigo's massive effort throughout the last four years (and yes even before that). 


I had a little rifle through the annals of the WRQ and here are some nifty things I found:



The first ever White Room (Thursday) Quiz was on August 1st, 2019. There was quite the debate about the question Who built and flew the first aeroplane? Was it the Wright brothers or was it George Cayley? Depends on how you're defining "aeroplane" it would seem 🤔


serpent-snake-emoji-iphone-mamba-snake.jpgOnce upon a time, there was only one ☝️ quizzer at a time. @gmarkj was once given the question: Which is the world`s fastest snake? 

xki3csn785qy.pngThe WRQ's predecessor was the THURSDAY QUIZ. Answers used to be given in 😱 the comments 😱 and there was an award for "most amusing answer."


From the May 30th, 2019 Edition:

The special award for the most amusing answer goes to @jonsie for answer to Q3: "keel-hauled them and then cut off their barnacles" laughing

Throughout the years there have many special editions of WRQs:





Regular’s choice


One right, two wrong


End of the year

New Year

Boxing Day



Odd Questions

2000th question

Either Or

Xmas Xtra

Christmas edition

1500th question


Multi-choice answers

Spring Bank Hol

1000th question

April fools

100th quiz

The 12 of christmas


500th question

Easier questions

Alice themed


People’s Choice


"White Room Quiz" is mentioned 1,060 times in @Mi-Amigo's post history--which is how many times I had to hit enter to see the complete history of the WRQ 😂


I also only found evidence of the WRQ being postponed ONE time in the last four years (but of course correct me if I'm wrong).


Untitled design (2).png


With that said, big shoutout to @Mi-Amigo for being such a devoted Quiz Master and to everyone who participates each and every week!

Any questions you remember being especially tough or memorable debates?


Now go take a look at the WRQ if you haven't done so already and don't forget to submit your answers by 03.00am Friday morning.


 White Room Quiz - 4th Anniversary Quiz - 02 Aug 2023 


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Definitely a noteworthy achievement.

Well done @Mi-Amigo 👏

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Thank you so much @Breanna for this lovely, comprehensive account of FOUR YEARS of WHITE ROOM QUIZ.

A couple of points to add...


The White Room Quiz was "born" on 01 August 2019 when it was known as the White Room Thursday Quiz.

The name "The White Room [Thursday] Quiz" was chosen as an alternative to the infamous Black Chair of BBC TV`s Mastermind, which was daunting, whilst the White Room Quiz is intended as fun and an escape from the everyday pressures.


The White Room Quiz underwent various changes during its first twelve months - most notable the introduction of those taking part pming their answers being to me - Mi-Amigo as the questionmaster.


White Room Quizzers have, on occasions, done better than some of Britain`s best TV quiz champions

- some correctly answered a question which Paul Sinha, ranked No 17 in the World Quiz Championship, got wrong on ITV`s The Chase;

-some correctly answered a question which one of the country`s top quiz teams got wrong on Ch 4`s The Hardest Question;

- some correctly answered a question which Kevin, Mastermind Champion and Egghead got wrong on BBC TV`s Eggheads;

plus, some correctly answered the question which Judith Keppell correctly answered to become the first person to win £1million on ITV`s Who Wants To Be A Miilionaire.


This celebration of the White Room Quiz cannot go without a special mention of @Cleoriff who twice stepped in as WRQ Quizmaster, so I could take part. I should add I didn`t do that well with my answers 😄 .


Thank you everyone, past and present quizzers, who have taken part with WRQ.

It is your quiz, I`m just the QuizMaster, and as long as people want it, the White Room Quiz will continue.


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Congrats to @Mi-Amigo on the anniversary, and thanks for all the brilliant (if brain taxing) questions!

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Oh @Mi-Amigo I cannot believe it is the 4 year anniversary! Of course I am taking part!

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Four years!! 😮


I remember when you first started making those quizzes @Mi-Amigo, who knew they'd become so big and such a lasting tradition. 🤗 🎉

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Thank you @jonsie @MI5 @gmarkj @LukasB @EmilieT 

Great to see the "old" managers back.


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Some people see things as they are and ask "Why?"; I dream of things that never were and ask "Why not?"
Robert Kennedy.

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Superb achievement @Mi-Amigo and a really great game for everyone.

I do remember standing in for you on a couple of occasions so I know this isn't an easy job. I remember a mess up I made of one of the questions 'Where in the world is it rude to touch someone's head' ? I had so many different answers in, I thought people were wrong. (I thought Nepal). Of course it was most of Asia.😂

Then the catch you out question about the fastest animal on 2 legs and @Marjo put cheetah. 🤣 (I still laugh at that now) joy

So No, not easy at all. Though for me, the hardest bit was posting the answers.

I stored them all in One Note and they wouldn't paste!!

So hats off to you with many thanks for 4 years of hard work. A real learning curve. xx


PS. lovely to see @EmilieT and @LukasB posting on this thread.

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Congratulations @Mi-Amigo - quite an achievement.  The place wouldn't be quite the same without you.

I've been a bit 'in and out' of late and not always able to take part in things the way I'd like, but with a bit of luck the answers to this particular quiz will be heading your way sometime tomorrow.  Thanks for keeping things running smoothly.

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