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Did not think this through :(

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Ever have those times when you do something and then realise you did not really think it through enough.  Yes? Me too.

What was your worst "Did not think this through moment" ?


So I cycle and commute on my bike but recently through changes at work am now not in the office 4 days a week, so much less commuting.  Decided the best way to keep up my cycling was to get an indoor trainer, so went a bought a Zwift hub.  Did not give enough thought to where it would go, as Mrs S said "You want to put it in the house with the bike you ride OUTSIDE?!?"  Now having to rethink my happy thoughts on getting started with this. 

1. Maybe have a full clear out of the shed and put it there, extension cable will reach.

2. Up earlier in morning and just go for a ride

3. New shed

4. New house with spare room


Think the 3 and 4 go under the think this through and win lottery options  🤣🤣

I may need the stuff in the shed one day 🤔😂



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Aside from the space factor, this looks like a bit of a pain to set up and take down if you did need your bike to commute that one day a week? 

You could be like this guy and take over the kitchen 🤣



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