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Re: Amazon Prime - What Are You Watching?

@EmilieT wrote:

I've had Prime for soooo long and yet only started using it to watch series and films recently. Parks & Rec, Last Man on earth, The Good Wife/The Good Fight (thanks @Glory1 for that recommendation), Grey's anatomy, Scandal, This is us, The Tick ... Cheers @welshsteve76 for reminding me that Psych is on there, I loved that show and definitely would watch it all over again sometime soon! smile

Psych is a great show. Expensive on Prime though.  You'd be better off buying the box set, ironically, from Amazon. joy


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Re: Amazon Prime - What Are You Watching?


Oh right, thanks for letting me know! I've just watched one more Prime show over the weekend called Homecoming. I had no idea what it was but I really liked it, the camera work and direction in particular is very interesting and so dramatic  smiley

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