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Re: Airtime Rewards

@welshsteve76 wrote:

Well how good is this.  Because my card was pending, and because purchases are given a pending status for so many days, purchases I made at teh weekend have still qualified and the rewards have been added to my account.

So far so good yahoo

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Re: Airtime Rewards

Amazing! There's now £1.50 surge referrals on the app now, so get referring your friends!  Not sure if I'm allowed to post my code on here, but just thought I'd let you guys know!!

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Re: Airtime Rewards

@alexsmyth94 They have a surge referral almost every month so it’s defo best to wait till then if possible if you have a friend that’s interested 😎
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Re: Airtime Rewards

Yes, I agree @mahj. I've referred just about everyone I know Smiley Very Happy


And they've all thanked me. As I've said as I'm on a business contract, I don't get money off my phone bill but I do get money off my Waitrose shops. And for me, personally, that's even better as I do a LOT of shopping in Waitrose Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Airtime Rewards

I just signed up today - sorry to resurrect an old thread.
Just wondering about the amount you can actually earn. Say if I spend £100 in a shop that states you get a 3% reward, those who have been using this - do you actually get £3 in your AR account to save up and then redeem when you get to £5 etc?
It seems a very good reward for money I’d be spending anyway!
Hope someone can clarify 😊


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Re: Airtime Rewards

Yes @LauraPaura 

That's exactly how it works.

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Re: Airtime Rewards

That’s fantastic.
Thanks for taking the time to reply! It seemed too good to be true but it’s good to know the % advertised is actually what you get. Looking forward to earning some rewards!
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Re: Airtime Rewards

It's well worth it @LauraPaura I have been able to redeem at least £5 every month for the last 3 months now, just by spending in the shops I normally shop in anyway



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Re: Airtime Rewards

I did hear anything about the Anytime Rewards on o2 but I am on pay as you go on o2. So why why didn't I hear anything about it?
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Re: Airtime Rewards