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Adding mobile numbers to my account

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I used to have 5 mobile contracts with Virgin Media, all under one account in my name so I could see all of the usage in a single dashboard. When the accounts were migrated to O2 three accounts were kept together in one place, the other two were kept in my name (I still pay the bill) but do not appear in the dashboard. How do I get these numbers added to my dashboard - I have tried to call O2 to arrange this but the people I speak to do not seem to know what to do, one even suggesting I didn't migrate them properly when leaving Virgin - but the fact is I didn't do anything, it was all done for me automatically and somehow the account was divided? Also, of the three numbers I can see, only 1 has had the double data boost applied despite repeated calls to request this and assurances it was actioned. Welcome any advice on how to sort these things out. Thank you.

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@2xmobiledata - see if this helps:

Otherwise, you will need to reach out to O2 via Social Media, ways are in the link just below. Good luck!

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