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Reward Nominations - March 2019

Hey everyone, 


Each month we ask the community to nominate piece of forum content that made a great contribution to the community. The focus is on guidesreviewsproduct testing and walkthroughs! The nominated member then gets a bump in the community rewards for this month! 


It's going to be a tough choice this month with 2 absolutely brilliant guides posted in March. @Anonymous's iPhone XR review and @Glory1's review of the Galaxy S10


If you want to nominate one of these reviews simply post below or drop me a private message with your suggestions! smiling





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Re: Reward Nominations - March 2019

As I can't vote for myself, I vote for lovemyphone's iphone XR review.

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Re: Reward Nominations - March 2019

Mine will be @Glory1 S10 review
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Re: Reward Nominations - March 2019

I liked @Glory1's personal review of the S10, it must be said - my vote goes to @Glory1.

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Re: Reward Nominations - March 2019

@Glory1 Gets my vote this month.


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Re: Reward Nominations - March 2019


Another vote for @Glory1 

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Re: Reward Nominations - March 2019

@Anonymous For me. 

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Re: Reward Nominations - March 2019

Difficult. Both excellent.

Based simply on the fact I am Samsung through and through, I give my vote to @Glory1 


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Re: Reward Nominations - March 2019

@Glory1 here as well
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Re: Reward Nominations - March 2019

I just can't bring myself to vote for an Apple product (sorry @Anonymous!) so my vote goes to @Glory1...
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