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I have been a 02 customer for many years and have been very upset the way 02 treated me recently, I made an order for an upgrade last week on Sunday and 02 arranged for this to be delivered to my home address using DHL, Monday the driver came and knocked, nobody home so left, that afternoon I left a message with DHL customer service to advise the driver to knock on the neighbors door and he will accept the parcel, the same drive came the next day, knocked on my door and left, I contacted DHL who are useless and said they will try again with the neighbors, the thirds day, the driver didn't even knock and drove off after taking a pic of the front door! I reported this all to 02 who stated that once the order is made, it is out of their hands and with DHL, my phone has been sent back to 02 as a result of failed deliveries! How is this any of my fault and every time you contact 02 customer services, every agent makes up their own rules! I was told the process will take 48 hours to send out a new phone and when I called yesterday, SAM told me it can take up to 15 days! 02 offer no compensation and due to this phone error I lost a whole days wages of work! 02 stop running after cheap labor in other countries to answer your calls! None of them know what to do besides read a script! It is appalling! Now I am waiting to reorder the same phone I ordered 6 days ago!

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Might be better phoning your local O2 store to see if what you want is in stock and buy from there.

I doubt O2 will get any better, in fact the have seriously declined since the joint venture with Virgin

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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To be honest failed deliveries across a lot of companies take around 14 days to get back to the sender, as the couriers dont rush these back...

Also DHL wont deliver phones to next door neighbours as they are not allowed to, nor are DPD for that matter..  Just be glad o2 dont charge you for failed deliveries...

And to be fair o2 wont send out a new phone or cancel the upgrade until they have it in there warehouse and it has been marked as returned.


Sorry but you are going to have to wait... 

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Thank you for your reply, thing is, DHL clearly told me they can deliver to a neighbor but I just can not collect from a hub so they need to iron out these details as I have proof from DHL customer services telling me this.

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