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Samsung Galaxy S8 charger cable replacement

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Hey there fellow reader,
Anyone know the answer to following or point me in the right direction please?
1. Im looking for somewhere to buy an official samsung cable for s8 (as my one is coming apart a bit on one end after all these years).
2. If not an official one then an aftermarket one will do, ive had a look at reviews and tonnes of cables but i dont want to receive and it doesnt do fast charge or has issues data syncing and go through the whole refund process each time (we all know how 3rd party sellers describe it one way and its complete opposite when received)

So if anyone has any recommendations after their own purchases or methods or somewhere i can buy just the cable that would be perfect. Ive seen on digitalsave they sell the plug + cable for £10 but ive never used them so not sure if that will be official or not since it costs £25 direct from samsung (one of which a review said it failed after a few months) ha!.

Thanks for the assist folks. Stay well 👌🏼

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Anker cables off Amazon

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