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Ordered a phone under a 36 months plan and received a charger

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I was expecting a package under a 36 months plan which should be a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G along with a physical SIM card. But what I received is a Samsung travel adapter instead. 
So basically the DHL delivery guy dropped it to the GO local shop right under my apartment. He didn’t call or anything at all and dropped it off to the shop guy from where I picked the package and was shocked to see that there was an adopter in the package. NO PHONE NO SIM nothing. 
I am attaching the parcel journey link from DHL for you to investigate. The parcel picture is attached in the link from the DHL guy as he was dropping it off to the shop. This may help you to speed up things. 
It's a new plan and my first payment is due on 29th this month. I need this to be resolved asap. Get this adapter back and send me my phone for which I am going to pay in the future. Really disappointed with the service till now. How come this big company can send a wrong order? 
I called to register a complain on 17th April (Same date I received that charger package) which took me 2 hours approx where the call was transferred to like 5 people and I have to tell the whole story to them one by one. What a mess? Why would I have to tell them the same details over and over again? Can't they just put it on the there system to make it more easy? Also whenever the call if transferred I have to do the verification process in the same call. What is going on with O2? 
I called them today 22 APR 24 for the complain status and literally these guys took 40 minutes and transferring the calls to 3 people and end up with saying you should visit the store. why would I visit a store when the order was online? What about my complain which I launched 17th APR 24? I even have sent an email telling my issue on 17th APR 24. 
O2 needs to do something about there system. This is very frustrating. Seriously taking ages to answer and transferring calls from one guy to another. Nobody has solution to the complain. Messy messy messy 
I need this to be investigated and resolved ASAP please. 
O2 should think about customer satisfaction. Investigation should be fast. 


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This is a Customer to Customer Community and as such we have no access to accounts etc.

Regretfully we can only refer you back to O2

Looks like you should contact the sales team as they can help with that – message them on Social Media if yo can - on Facebook ( , 

 Twitter ( or 

 Instagram (


Or you can call them on 0800 081 0255, free from any phone or landline or via Guide: A Guide to Skype - best time to try calling is around 08:10am.


This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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You might have an issue getting the sales' team, or any other O2 team for that matter, to engage with you if you submitted a formal complaint on 17 April 2024.


Complaints are taking up to eight weeks for O2 to investigate and respond to, and whilst that complaint is noted as "open" on your file, other teams will be unable or unwilling to get involved.  


There is occasional mention on this Community of members e-mailing O2's CEO direct and their complaint being passed to an "Executive Resolutions Team". This is all quite opaque but if you Google "O2 executive complaints team" you will find a "X" (Tweet) of 27 June 2023 from O2 to a customer by the name of Katy Evans that confirms the existence of that team and gives their contact details.


This community's spam filters mean that I cannot post a like to the "Tweet" - sorry - but at least you now know what you are looking for !


Please keep us informed of developments.

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