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Proof of usage - not registered phone

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I have a situation that I would like to get some help with. I have bought a new phone while in Spain and it was stolen while I was in Spain. All the time I was using my o2 card in Spain, but when I asked for Proof of usage they told me that my phone was never used on o2 network and they can't provide me with a proof of usage.


I'm sure that while I was in Spain they do not register the proof of usage. But they insist that they do.  This is the second phone that was stolen from me. First proof of usage says "most recent use on o2 network": 01/07/2018 - The date I have arrived to Spain which didn't account for the 2 weeks I used my phone here.



Is there anything I can do to get it? As I was definitely using my phone with the sim card.  

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It wasn’t on the o2 network whilst roaming so it won’t register the details on the o2 system.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Hi @RichardLonestee, I hope @MI5's reply above answered your question, but please do let us know if you'd like some more help with this or anything else slight_smile

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Thank you for your answer! I thought so, but when I called the o2 customer service one of the support people insistent that no matter where I was their system would have registered the phone as long as the card was in and eventually hung up on me. Then I spoke to another person and she explained that if I was in another country and didn't connect to o2 'moth' it would not have registered. I have asked for a written explanation of this. Haven't received it yet, but hopefully soon.


Thank you

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No point in getting it written it’s nothing they can send that’s official tbh so would not count, doesn’t your insurance policy know of this anyway? I’m sure they should know , your phone won’t pick up on the system when ur abroad Cos it’s not connected to an O2 Mast. 

Mentionit too ur insurance policy if it’s CPW they should know 

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