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O2 Ruined my Credit File/Score

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Hi all, so a couple of days ago I got a notification from Experian to advise me that I had a new default applied to my credit file by o2 for the amount of £28.00. Yes you heard right £28. I have received no letters, no messages, no communication, no nothing. On contacting customer services I was on hold for around 40minutes before someone answered. And then I had a conversation with customer services who then put me through to collections, to then go back to customer services & then the credit vetting team. Not one advisor could find any record of me owing them £28 for any account I’ve held either currently or in the past. They even checked my old address - there’s nothing. The only thing I could think was it was an add to plan item I had a few years ago but that was paid off, after 3yrs I don’t still have the receipt as the device went in the bin due to it being end of life. So I’ve emailed o2 complaint review service & o2 credit referrals, as well as contacting Experian to put the default in debate until it’s rectified. I am absolutely cheesed off, upset, stressed out & frustrated that my credit file has been dented by o2 for no apparent reason. And now I’ve got to spend my spare time & money to get it sorted out. Angry isn’t the word.


I know many others have been through this, I wondered if they managed to get it sorted out & how long it took?

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This is a customer to customer community and, as such, we cannot give you direct help on this. You need to contact O2 and the Credit File Referral (CFR) team is who you need to speak to.


Their email address is creditfilereferrals@telefonica com or


You can write to them at :-


Credit File Referrals Team

Suite P

Arlington Business Centre


LS11 0NE


Or you can "fax" them on :-


0113 2025865

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