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Desprate, 8 days in, still sim not on netwowrk -

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I transferred my number from ID mobile, and they gave me a PAC code. O2 has confirmed it ported correctly. 


On the 28th of May, my old services ended at ID, so I popped in my new O2 SIM card. I waited 24 hours, and still nothing. 


I have been on the phone a total of 6 hours since, every day they tried something new and well over 8 days, I still don't have a network. When I switch it on or off, it just says, "SIM not provisioned" 


This is my business phone (on a business contract), so being out of the air for 8 days costs me a lot of money. 


I got a new SIM, but three calls to the helpdesk and 60 hours later, it is still not working. I tried multiple phones, different locations, switching it on and off, airplane mode, etc.


The phones I am using are Google Pixels (6a and 7a) (bought directly from Google, so there is no SIM lock) and an iPhone 14.  


I called them every day, and every day, it was something new, but nothing worked. I called my old provider, who told me it had successfully transferred, and o2 confirmed it is on their network. But I still don't have a service. Only emergency calls. 


Has anyone experienced this before, and what is the solution? Clearly, O2 doesn't have a clue. 

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Unfortunately, this is a customer to customer community so we cannot access your account or offer other direct help to you. 


You need to persevere with O2 and I suggest that you contact their UK-based social media team :-


Facebook :


X (previously known as Twitter) :


Instagram :


They have a strong reputation for solving problems, although you might need to give them the occasional reminder.


A complete schedule of how to contact O2 is in :-


Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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