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Credit Failed check

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While purchasing a new SIM card contract I got rejected because my credit check failed. I read all the articles in these forums that said I had to wait or contact Experian directly, but my credit score is actually ok (you can check it with Experian) and I find it laughable a credit score rejects me for a £20 monthly payment when I don't have any debts and my finances are good.


Solution: Just go to an O2 shop, they will be able to sort it as it's likely one of these things has confused the system and that's why  you got reported. 


1) I recently moved home and my bank address wasn't up to date, so lady at O2 put my old address and that solved the issue. The system was rejecting me because my bank/residential address didn't match. 


2) Also check for discrepancies on you bank and personal address, wrong postcodes or spelling mistakes in your name or date of birth.


3) If this is not your case it could also be you registered two accounts in the same email address, that's

something I saw in some of the forums that can flag you (e.g. someone buying a sim card for a relative, so system can failed because there are two identities in same account)


4) if you genuinely have a credit score issue you would know about it. So if this is not your case, just go to an O2 shop and talk to someone competent, they will sort it out for you. I went to Greenwich in London. 


Hope that works. 

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Feedback is always welcome - but I read something similar to this earlier, hopefully it was not a double-post - the board moderators can remove duplicate posts as the discover them, @AndreaPV.

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Its a double post the op posted it earlier in the day..


And lets not forget you can still fail a credit check in store as it uses the same platform for these checks.. so this is based on someone putting in out of date information to do a credit check.. which could lead to more questions and could be construed as employee fraud to get a connection approved.. 

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@AndreaPV wrote:

.......when I don't have any debts and my finances are good.




Of course, that can contribute to the problem. If you have no debt whatsoever, you cannot demonstrate that you can handle debt. Putting a few quid of debt onto a credit card each month and clearing it monthly actually shows that you can manage debt.  

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