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02 phone scam . i need answers

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hi . i got scammed into ordering a new phone . told me it was going to be s23 ultra . sounded wrong for the price £30 . so i questioned it . they had details like my bank account number sort code date of birth address everything . so they seemed legit and the text was official 02 so they caught me off guard. anyway i decided to move all my money out of my account and left the £30 in wile i investigated. anyway they took the £30 well 02 did for a new phone and contract . i managed to log into my02 seen this iphone and it corresponded to a scam i seen. so i canceled my debit card . then contacted 02 as the phone was still with them in processing . i contacted 202. and he said he could not cancel even though the phone was right there at 02 warehouse. he said he could email the department as they have all gone home so they will get the email in the morning and cancel. strange . anyway i asked to change my memorable info and password. he changed my memorable info then sent a link to change password . he tried email at first but struggled. anyway after a few attempts i changed  it.  but wile i was on the phone to him he cut off but called straight back. also i got a text saying it will take 30 days to investigate. that text came on texts were i get billing info and stuff and the other texts came separate message were i got the account memorable info change messages and were the original scammers got me. anyway the phone number he phoned me back on when he cut out for a few seconds . i put this into google came up with a fraud alert and potential 02 partners along with 02 who are committing the fraud or are aware they are . the number was  0800 840 0202.  were as i phoned 202 . anyway he phoned me back the next morning same number same guy who phoned yesterday. i told him about his number comes up as potential fraud and scammers. he did not have much to say to that. anyway i told him i had give his number to fraud and also i forwarded a scam wattsapp message claiming to be 02 . so he says i am going to contact the courier and see if he can stop it being delivered . it was already out for delivery i knew this because i downloaded the dhl app . and set it to me . and added a not in delivery instruction saying my account at out was hacked and an instance of fraud was committed . and not to deliver to anyone but me at my address . anyway within a min or 2 he says i have managed to contact courier and asked for a return order.  but in the mean time because i didnt know how far 02 are compromised last night i also got my brother to email dhl on my behalf . and they emailed him back with a customer service  number to phone so he sent this to me. i phoned it . it cut off the first time after a message then rang again and got through. so i told her about the fraud . and also the dhl tracker had changed to a rescheduled for the 24th . so i asked the woman did 02 contact you and she said i cant see any issued returns orders . that the 02 guy said he had contacted them . she said he might have emailed the returns department . but i doubt he would get a reply from an email that quick and tell me a dhl have put a stop on the delivery .  no mention of who  rescheduled unless they just put it as that so as to stop delivery. anyway she said i would have to contact 02 and request them to contact dhl and authorize a return order. she said otherwise it will just be redelivered on 24th to me . i got my brother to email dhl back to tell them what they said . and it was unacceptable and that i want it returned to 02 and fraud to cancel the contract . i have already got my £30 back through halifax banking fraud who opened a dispute on the payment with 02. dhl replied back and said . i have RSD THIS TO 24/08 to give customer care time to raise an rts  ... dont know what rsd is unless it means raised . anyway i am waiting on 02 . i dont know why it should take 30 days . when you can cancel in a cooling off period of 14 days . strange . and its stupid that the guy couldnt cancel when i phoned up and reported it . surely it would just be a case of phone the warehouse and tell them to pull that order. like i say i have my suspicions . that some workers at 02 are in on the scam.   about an hour ago i got a message of 02 saying your code is blah blah so i ignored it . and a min or 2 later 2 phone calls one after the other from scammer numbers . i just ignored them . about half hour later i gets you recently changed your security question and answer . i didnt i changed it last night as well as password as i didnt trust the 202 guy. so i just went in and changed it again security question and password .  i need this sorting as 02 are ready to take money out for new contract . but i have emptied my bank . but i have got my own 02 contract phone bill on the 24th ... just need a genuine 02 worker who is not compromised . as the guy who rang me back the same guy on the 202 number . must work 24 hours a day . as he was on yesterday and first thing this morning . are all my 02 contact attempts going straight to this guy.  something needs bringing up about 02 by local mps in the houses of parliament   . cost of living is bad enough  without 02 being unable to cancel a contract.

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To be honest your post makes hard reading as it is just a wall of text...

Did you at anypoint give the OTP password thay YOU  are told not to share to the caller, as at that point they have full access to your account. 


There is no o2 support on this community, but sounds like you have been the viction of Identity Fraud.. 

You need to report it to action fraud 


Also look at these guides Phishing, Smishing & Scams. Latest info & advice. 


Just to make you aware the Fraud team will be intouch, but it takes time, and also they are limited by law on what they can tell you.. as you could be the one perpetrating the fraud...

You also need to let your bank know you have been the victim of Identity Theft, and they can help you as well 

Other than that you need to pesevere with Customer Services as no one on this customer to customer community can help at all.


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I got lost halfway through this and struggled to make sense of it

What is apparent is the all to common scam and the pathetic way in which O2 deals with it

It would seem that it is impossible to actually cancel a fraudulent order no matter how soon you make O2 aware of it

Then it takes weeks without O2 contacting a customer about any progress leaving customers or of pocket and a huge hit on their credit file

Surely, surely, O2 need to protect customers

2023 and O2 act as though it is stuck in 1989 when there was an excuse for apathy and incompetence 

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I am going to write to the newspapers and my MP. It looks like total paralysis on O2 side. The post is long, but the same thing happened to me and it is totally upsetting. 


I cannot use my phone because it was switched to iPad tariff - and nobody takes any notice.

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There are bodies that you could sensibly write to about this matter ; the newspapers and your MP aren't two of them. 

Think about O2 complaints, Resolver and the Communication Ombudsman. 

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