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I was tricked in giving the passcode to the fraudster, but I immediately called back and asked to cancel their order. I was told twice it was cancelled, but the next day I received a text saying the iPad is arriving. I phoned again and cancelled delivery. the fraud case was opened.


now a week later my current tariff was switched to the tariff for iPad where I cannot make any phone calls. all my attempts to restore the tariff and cancel the contract which now visible on my account seems to go to nowhere. the investigation is supposed to take 10 working days, but it means that my right to cancel under Consumer Act expiries at the same day as it has 14 days. 


I really wonder what it is all about and why nobody took the promptly action while saying that the contract has been cancelled. 


it is an awful experience and there is absolutely no willingness to inform the customer about the investigation progress. just awful. 

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On you last point, there are issues around keeping you updated if the investigation by O2 might lead to criminal proceedings. And until the investigation is completed, they will not know what the outcome might be. 

It can also be an offence, known as "tipping off", if the investigator divulges information about a money laundering investigation. I won't go into the detail of that, but suffice it to say that O2's investigators might be in a "catch 22" situation.    

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