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App issues logging in

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Hope someone can help me ! 
for the last month I am unable to log into my groceries app despite calling them up they say they is no issue at there end with my account . 
when I log into sainsburys from my iPhone it says the account is blocked 

I even tried setting a new account up which was all fine then went to log in again and it’s blocked 

same issue with Morrisons 

I’ve deleted storage and even bought extra 

I also can’t get emails through gmail and says no storage despite buying more and deleting all in boxes 

when I spoke to Sainsbury’s she mentioned something about going to my settings and vpn and they should be like a light switch symbol but no success 

can anyone technical help ! Thanks 

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That's not really an O2 query but I will try to help if you will confirm the model and age of your handset - you have said that it is an iPhone. 

If it is a moderately old handset, it sounds to me like a hard reboot might be the first step. You could also try disabling your VPN as that might be part of the problem. 

If that does not solve the issue, restoring the factory settings will wipe all of the apps, files and the like and effectively allow you to have a completely fresh start. Before embarking on that "nuclear" option, you would need to backup all of the photos, documents, videos and other files that are stored on the device otherwise they will be lost. 

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