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Wifi Calling On Business

Hi there,


My business has a contract with O2. I have been advised that I can't use Wifi Calling because of contract restrictions with O2.  I can see the following exclusions for Wifi Calling:


* O2 Business Mobex,

* Best for Business tariffs or

* Public Service Network tariffs.


Can you let me know the business justification for not rolling out this service to all customers? 


I ask because I live in a house with exceptionally poor reception for O2 and this would solve that, but according to our procurement department their contract with O2 forbids this...seems arbitrary...is this a perk that only home users should enjoy? What's the cost to O2 to roll this out accross the board?

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Re: Wifi Calling On Business

A lot of things aren't available for business customers. It is s completely different platform for business though you would expect them to look after business customers first.

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Re: Wifi Calling On Business

Business users have access to a boostbox which is unique to them so I guess they don't feel the need.
The system used for wifi calling is also incompatible with certain business tariffs and functions.
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Re: Wifi Calling On Business



O2 supports Wi-Fi calling for a number of business tariffs, but not all.


In some cases it is a technical limitation due to using VPN or bespoke APNs, or that some of the products maybe incompatible such as O2 Just Call Me, Mobex (short code dialling), Mobile Recording or Asavie.


Best For Business is an old tariff, so probably not supported in order to get business onto newer plans.